PT. Cakarawala Horizon is a manufacturer and distributor of cooking equipment and other household needs, with high quality using advanced production technology and the latest modern designs.

Various choices of product designs from Europe and Asia are applied to meet the tastes and purchasing abilities of various users.

The use of advanced technology for the production of cooking utensils provides products that are durable, easy to use, easy to clean and some have multi-functional uses, thus saving family expenses.

PT. Cakrawala Horizon has product distribution channels in almost all cities in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke.

Branch offices spread throughout Indonesia make it easier for consumers to get the best products that have proven quality and are used by many consumers, ranging from housewives, restaurant entrepreneurs, hotels and owners of household furniture stores.

The sales method with a credit system really helps customers to have the products we offer.

PT. Cakrawala Hoeizon opens opportunities for colleagues who want to become agents or suppliers of the products we provide, both in provincial cities, sub-districts or districts. Please contact us for more info

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